City Clerk

The Firebaugh City Clerk serves as a City Council key staff and facilitates all Council meetings. The City Clerk also prepares the City Council Meeting agendas and any other necessary documentation needed to have an effective Council meeting..

The City Clerk is also a Records Manager, the City Clerk maintains an index of the following: Minutes, Ordinances, and Resolutions adopted by the City Council.
The City Clerk also ensures municipal records are accessible to the public. Public records provides the City of Firebaugh integrity and transparency.

    • Maintains public records
    • coordinates public hearings
    • Administration of local elections
    • Local Filing Officer
    • Manage the City Council’s agenda and documents
    • Receive claims, summons, appeals and suits related to city government
    • Maintenance of the municipal code

Deputy City Clerk
Executive Administrative Assistant
Rita Lozano