Housing Element

Housing Element

The following are links to individual chapters of the draft Firebaugh Housing Element.

The Housing Element is Firebaugh’s plan and policy document to ensure that safe and decent housing is provided for households of all income levels in Firebaugh. The Housing Element is a part of the City’s General Plan, and is required by the State of California to be updated – roughly every five years. The planning time frame for this Housing Element is 2008 through 2013.

In general, the Housing Element includes three major components:

  1. It analyzes the results of the previous Housing Element to see how well Firebaugh did in achieving its housing goals.
  2. It profiles existing conditions and trends in the community as they relate to:
    • Socioeconomics
    • Housing conditions
    • Housing needs
    • Residential land resources and infrastructure
    • Development constraints
  3. Establishes housing goals, objectives and action plans for the next five years.

The City will be conducting workshops and public hearings to adopt the Housing Element in the near future. For more information, please contact Firebaugh City Hall at (559) 659-2043.